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Filmmaker Oca Hoeflein has topped his breakaway hit Saving Robot Charlie with Back to the Eighties,
a special-effects comedy with a dazzling hook: what if you interrupted your parents first meeting?
Cody Emily and Chelsea are catapulted back to the 80's were they see their parents in their teens,
and accidentally change history of how their Mon and Dad meet. This perfectly cast film is a
wonderfully off-key performance by Oca Hoeflein as he plays the kids teacher and crazy scientist
who builds a time machine out of a Pontiac grand prix. The stunning Tracy Hoeflein as the 14 year
old Tracy Condon gives her best performance to date. This blockbuster cast comes together to give
us a peak into the couples first meeting at the end of a 27 inch ten speed tire.

Screenplay by Oca Hoeflein Assisted by Jon Gaskill and Scott Wagoner Produced and edited by Oca Hoeflein Camera Scott Wagoner
Starring Oca Hoeflein as Doc Brown and 14 year old Oca Hoeflein Tracy Hoeflein as 14 year old Tracy Condon Cody Hoeflein as himself
Emily Hoeflein as herself Chelsea Hoeflein as herself Tami Stickney as herself Anna Stickney as herself
Jake Stickney as himself Josh Husemoen as Siberian Libyan Adam Washburn as the happy Libyan Holly Johnson as Libyan 1 Megan as Libyan 2